If You’ve Got 5 Minutes, I Guarantee You Freedom from Disease, Recession-Proof Wealth and a Life Awakened to Your Purpose!

6,504,587 Grateful Users Think So…

Here are what a tiny fraction of them have to say:

“Jack Canfield on the Silva Method”

~ Jack Canfield, America’s Success Coach and Co-creator of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ book series

“In the Words of Wayne Dyer…”

“I’ve used the Silva Method for many years. It has helped me overcome my own illnesses. I urge you to attend Mr. Silva’s training sessions that are presented around the world.”

~ Dr. Wayne Dwyer, motivational speaker, author, and popular self-improvement guru from best-selling book Real Magic (Harper Mass Market Paperbacks, 1993)

“Shakti Gawain Uses It”

“One of the earliest workshops I took was the Silva Mind Control Course… The most important technique I learned in that course was the basic technique of creative visualization… Our rational mind is like a computer… The intuitive mind, on the other hand, seems to give access to an infinite supply of information. It appears to be able to tap into a deep storehouse of knowledge and wisdom…”

~ Shakti Gawain, author of numerous books, including Creative Visualization (Bantam Books, 1983) from Living in the Light (Bantam Books, 1993)

“It Revolutionized His Life — In a Hollywood Director’s Words”

“I Have Been Called the Miracle Man. In 6 Months, My Tumors Were Gone!”
I have been called the Miracle Man. In 6 months, my tumors were gone.

“This is amazing…that first story is my story almost to the letter..In 1999. I was diagnosed with lung cancer.The Drs. told me..and showed me the four tumors on my lung…They told me I had 8 months to 1yr to live. Thats when I first heard of the Jose Silva method…of meditation to heal ones self…and I used that method for 6 months…and just like in your first story…after 3 months the Dr.didn’t understand how the tumors was SHRINKING…and after 6 months..that they were completely gone…

Now I also did the chemo and changed my diet…but the doctors called their miracle… and to this day when I go back for checkups…they still call me the miracle man….but I know that GOD played a huge part, if not all of this miracle…after all it was HIM that put the doctors in my life and the Silva method…so yes it was GOD that got me better…Thank you”

~ Frank

If You Got 5 Minutes, I Guarantee You’ll be Among Them—Living the Healthy, Powerful and Purpose-driven Life.

Imagine how much your life would improve if you can…
  • Go after the life you want—and get it.
  • Take the life you have—and improve it.
  • Take any circumstance you’re in—and make it work for you.

If that resonates with you… If that even remotely reflects your heart’s desire… If it gives you an faint yearning for something more… Than this is going to be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here is why…

Life is hard.

Astronomical oil prices… Unending news of recession… A merciless rat race… Estranged family members… A chronic inability to meet your roles as parent, spouse and worker… A world of uncertainty and fear…

Worst, life is harder—*on the inside.*

Stress stacked upon stress. Past traumas crippling you. Destructive bad habits you’re unable to break. Tormented by loneliness and depression. Ruthless diseases ravaging your body, mind and soul.

Who can save our souls?

What if I tell you I may have a solution.

Picture this—you have a problem. Any kind of problem, really.

A bad habit to break. An unresolved work problem. Breakdown of communication with your spouse. Or just plain stress.

Now imagine being able to close your eyes—and within 30 seconds—you magically are able to find the strength to overcome that habit, inspiration to solve that work problem, grace to bridge the divide with your spouse.

And melt away stress, once and for all.

But first, let me briefly tell you who I am:

Laura Silva

My name is Laura Silva. I’m one of the creators behind Silva Life System, a brand-new breakthrough personal development program based on the remarkable principles of the Silva Method—the world’s most popular self-empowerment program.

But more importantly, I’m the daughter of the illustrious founder, my beloved dad Jose Silva—who people credit as a the father of modern meditation.

I Present to You the Silva Method

50 Years of Research & Development.

One Million Graduates Worldwide.

10 Million Books Sold.

Jose Silva with his fans

When you attend a Silva seminar, or buy one of the home study programs, you are attending the most advanced human empowerment program available.

Jose Silva conducted years of research and invested close to $500,000 (or $2 million in today’s dollar value) to learn what made some people happier and more successful than others. He then developed the Silva Method and technique to help people take advantage of his findings.

Best-Selling Author Dr. Wayne Dyer on Jose Silva
Best-Selling Author Dr. Wayne Dyer on Jose Silva

Anything with the name of Jose Silva as the author has my vote before I open to page one.

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of Your Erroneous Zones, Manifest Your Destiny, Real Magic and the current best-seller, The Power of Intention from

My dad passed away in 1999.

Silva has always been ahead of his time. He was training people in meditation, self-hypnosis and creative visualization before these terms were embedded in public consciousness.

You know this saying? (and pardon me for my apparent pride, I’m just really proud of my dad I guess.)

“It’s better to drink the water upstream.”

This means that the closer that you are to the source, the purer and more effective the benefits are to you.

You hear these buzzwords thrown around these days:

  • Alpha Level Training? Jose Silva started it.
  • Goal Setting Seminars? Jose Silva started it.
  • Positive Visualization? Jose Silva started it.
  • Intuition Training? Jose Silva started it.
  • Healing? Jose Silva taught it long before others.
  • Meditation? Jose Silva took it mainstream.

Thousands of personal development courses have now sprouted out, but I firmly believe most of them—save for a tiny few—have not done justice to my father’s teachings.

Hundred of thousands of success stories like these are the best proof that Silva still works…

“It gave me real techniques for my business and personal life.”
“I had a lot of questions…and everything got answered.”
“I would recommend this to everybody.”
“My meditation has improved more in the last 2 days (with Silva) than over the last 3 years.”
“I now know how to envision and follow my dreams.”

Now… Jose Silva was working on one more project before his death.

One that incorporated brand new teachings never before revealed to the general public—not even to the huge hardcore devoted following.

I have personally heard them and practiced these techniques—and they have changed my life and blew my mind… Even thought I grew up with the Silva movement.

I have taken it upon myself—as both his daughter and as the head of the Silva network—to continue my father’s legacy.

Taking the amazing never-before-seen teachings of Silva, and piling even more with $509,405 of diligent scientific research, I submit to you…

The Greatest Secret to Modern Day Breakthrough Living, Ever…


My dad’s last great contribution to the world… and my new great contribution to make you victorious in this modern world.

Silva Life System combines Cutting Edge Science and Ancient Profound Wisdom to produce a modern mind-control system that delivers results and changes lives.

The Silva Life System is actionable, relevant wisdom for urban-dwelling contemporary living.

This is not for long bearded men in the caves.

This is for you, the modern day person—with your pressing concerns of health, money issues and family problems.

Which is why the Silva Life System is even more vital today than it ever was.

It’s because…

Modern Society is DEAD Intent on Crushing Us!

Face it, we live in dark, pressing times.

It seems that society and its various institutions seek to ensnare you, pull you down, and reduce you to a insignificant cog in the machine.

Even we ourselves are not spared. How many of us had suffered some form of hurt or violation?

How have you coped?

A cigarette or two? Drinks? Bitterness, unforgiveness, pettiness?

Or maybe you settled for a safe mediocrity.

Then, we see those that seem to live life on their own terms.

These people are not without problems or a past. Some of them even come from broken and abusive backgrounds.

And yet, they are able to be successful in whatever they do. They are star players in the office. They are in the pink of health. They raise up unbelievably obedient kids within an unbelievably loving marriage.

It was as if the weight of this screwed-up world slides off them effortlessly, like TEFLON. There are no shackles, no confines, only complete and utter freedom!

So… why do some people have it all while others stumble and crawl?

The answer is mind-bogglingly simple…

It’s All in the Mind

Let me be a bit more specific.

If you envision the life of your dreams in your head, you WILL live the life of your dreams in this present reality.

Imagine being stress-free? Where you’re no longer in the rat race because you already made it.

Imagine being healed of all your sickness—physical or mental? Where your aches and pain is a distant memory.

Imagine moving on to bigger and better things? That even when past memories are still there, the power that these past memories have will be banished forever.

Now here’s the cool part, as you envision in your heard these wonderful things… Well, they are the starting point of a new reality.

The latest buzzword flung around these days is the Law of Attraction… Where simply put—where you focus your mind, is what it would attract. The potential is UNLIMITED.

  • If you visualize healing, you will be healed.
  • If you visualize success, you will be successful.
  • If you visualize freedom, you will be set free.

Unfortunately, the problem is that the seemingly simple act of controlling your thoughts is INFINITELY harder than it looks.

We will ourselves on the right track, and suddenly a voice from the past whispers “you can’t do it” into your ear. Or it could be just an unloving spouse or rebellious children giving you a cold shoulder. Or it could be an overflowing in-tray waiting for you at the office…

And suddenly, we find ourselves back to square one.

You see, learning to control your mind is not a sheer question of will. If it were, millions of others would’ve long be liberated.

Instead, you need to be connected to a system which is able to teach you the secrets of controlling your mind, rising above reality and seizing your inner potential.

That is why I’m writing to you about Silva Life System, scientifically proven and tested to be one of the world’s most effective mind development and stress control system.

The premise is simple: Through controlled relaxation and maximizing the use of the Logical Left Brain and the Creative Right Brain, ANYONE can bring massive positive transformation to their lives.

With the course, you will dictate your projected reality to the world—as you want it to be—and not have it dictated to you.

And that’s just the beginning, because…

In Just 48 hours, These Incredible Secrets are Yours:

  • A simple way to crack open an endless torrent of euphoric happiness.
  • An easy method to create potential masterpiece at will.
  • Where and how to get a vast reservoir of creativity.
  • The uncanny ability to outperform all your colleagues at work.
  • If you want to become the best parent, spouse and employee you can be, do this.
  • What you must do to access a “cosmic ATM” that doesn’t just fulfill your material needs, but your emotional and spiritual ones as well.
  • A permanent solution to reducing—and eliminating stress.
  • An iron-clad resolve to battle bad habits—and vanquishing them in a matter of days.
  • The key to “reducing overwhelm”.
  • And so much more.

You’ll be dazzled by the results.

Best of All
Best of All

I have been investigating and researching everything in the self-help and metaphysical field for the last 20 years….I have learned many techniques to help people, and the best of all is The Jose Silva UltraMind ESP System. I cannot imagine anyone not wanting to learn Jose Silva’s System once they understand how valuable these techniques are.

~ Ellen Roper, certified hypnotherapist. from

And so are these people:

Filmed during our classes in Anaheim and New York, Aug 2007

Renowned Medical Doctor on Jose Silva
Renowned Medical Doctor on Jose Silva

About the Silva system, I would say it is the most powerful single tool that I have to offer patients.

~ Dr O Carl Simonton, the research pioneer in imagery therapy for cancer from

It just keeps getting better, because…

Silva Life System also teaches you…

The Big Secret for Developing and Unleashing Inner Power

Silva Life System produce dramatic change in graduates who attend them. Dr. James Motif of the Psychology Dept in Hope University, Australia studied the Silva seminar and found that it led to an increase in adherence to Moral and Ethical Standards, positive attitudes to family members and better social self-image. It also led to a decrease in self-criticism.

In addition, Dr George Desau, in a study on Silva graduates at the Incarnate School for Girls in San Antonio, TX found that the seminar boosted ego strength, helped prevent shyness, increased trust and cooperation among students and led to greater self-assurance and warm-heartedness.

Scientific Evidence—User Testimonial
Tranquility and Relaxation
Tranquility and Relaxation

BLS students shifted toward “self-assured, placid, serene,” and away from “apprehensive, self-reproaching, worrying, troubled.”“

~ High School Personality Questionnaire, Dr George DeSau from Incarnate Word School for Girls, San Antonio, Texas, 1972.

No Limit to What the Mind Can Do

“By offering the Silva Method to [our] employees we provide an opportunity to experience for themselves the power of the mind… Experiencing the Silva techniques, rather than just hearing people talk about it, is very powerful. It’s like the difference between seeing a travelogue about the Grand Canyon and personally standing on the edge of it… Silva demonstrates that there is no limit to what the mind can do”

~ Robert Stiller, Pres & CEO of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Forbes Magazine 2001 Entrepreneur of the Year

Making Healing Seem Easy to Attain

Amazingly, the scientific community and health professionals are only now beginning to speak out about a concept Jose Silva knew and taught for years… that “the mind is the driving force behind ALL healing.”

Using personal “case-working” techniques detailed in Silva Life System, you will discover scientifically-proven mental visualization methods to speed up recovery from illness, to instantly cure pain and injury, to obtain radiant health, help prevent illness and disease… and even how to send healing ‘vibrations’ and ‘imagery’ to loved ones from a distance.

Hard to believe? Well… consider that a world-renowned cancer therapy researcher described the Silva Technique as —the MOST POWERFUL SINGLE TOOL that he can offer to his patients.

Scientific Evidence—User Testimonial

Improved Health
Improved Health

“In a survey of 1,107 participants, more than twice the percentage of those seeking health benefits reported improved health as a result of using the Silva Method.”

~ Correlates of Attention in Humans, Drs. Frederick J. Bremner, V. Benignus, and F. Moritz from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, 1972.

Silva to extend life time

“Don Ingram used the Silva techniques since he was a 9 years old. Don was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was born and the doctors didn’t expect him to live over twenty years old. His mom Cecil was introduced to the Silva Method and wanted his son to learn him. Results were exceptional. He learned how to control his spams in order to avoid pain. Then, he learned how to right his name. Today, at the age of 45 years old, Don is still using the Silva Techniques every day. They have changed his future.”

~ Don Ingram from United States

An Easy Way to Sleep Better. PLUS: Tap into the Power of “Creative Dreaming”

Silva Life System teaches you to “command” your mind to let you fall asleep when you chose to. It also shows you how to set your internal clock to be able to wake up anytime—without the use of an alarm clock. Imagine how much productivity and energy you would gain by always having a good night’s rest?

You will also learn a wonderful technique to help you remember your dreams—and even to ask for dreams that could contain the solution to problems. Throughout history, people have credited dreams with helping them develop new ideas. The inventor Elias Howe got the idea for the sewing machine through a dream. Paul McCartney came up with the song “Yesterday”, in a dream. The structure of the Carbon-6 molecule was discovered through a dream.

Now you can use your dreams to help boost your creativity and inspiration.

Scientific Evidence—User Testimonial

Improved Sleep
Improved Sleep

“Greater facility in entering sleep naturally is learned by BLS participants. Natural sleep is vital to the maintenance of proper physical and mental health.”

~ Correlates of Attention in Humans, Drs. Frederick J. Bremner, V. Benignus, and F. Moritz from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, 1972.

Dream Control
Dream Control

“Dream Control, a technique for remembering dream and learning how to use dreams for practical problem-solving, was used successfully by about four times as many who were seeking benefits.”

~ Dream Control from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, 1972.

What You Must Do to Learn Faster, Remember Better and Improve Grades

Silva has been proven to raise IQ and to boost memory.

One project conducted at the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala, in Tlaxcala, Mexico, to measure the effect of the Silva System on the learning process, intelligence quotient, and personality factors amongst university students. After completing the Silva BLS, the report reveals, the results of IQ tests indicate that 67.7 percent of the subjects improved their IQ classification.

Lillia Alcira Vacca, who authored a report of the project said, “From my perspective, and the results of my work with young people, the Silva Method could and should be taught to students in all academic levels in every country, in order to contribute to the betterment of humanity.”

In addition to boosting intelligence, it has been proven that functioning at the Alpha Level allows better retention and recall. You learn techniques that can be applied at school and during exams to help you recall information better.

Scientific Evidence—User Testimonial

Improved Memory
Improved Memory

“Increased memory functioning, including information storage and recall are part of the BLS. Again, the number of graduates reporting successful results is higher than those originally seeking such results.”

~ Correlates of Attention in Humans, Drs. Frederick J. Bremner, V. Benignus, and F. Moritz from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, 1972.

Research on Three Fingers technique

“According to Dr. Harry E. Shanton, who conducted a research project at the University of Tasmania in Australia, declared in his article published in the Journal of the Society of Accelerative Learning and Teaching, “It would seem reasonable to conclude that the Three Fingers Technique (one of the popular Silva techniques) is able to facilitate short-term improvement in second high school students’ examination performance.” The students who had learned the Three Fingers Technique improved their scores by nine percentage points.”

~ Dr. Harry E. Shanton from University of Tasmania in Australia

A Formula to Boost Your Creativity—Even If You’re No Picasso

Studies show that creativity is enhanced when functioning at the Alpha level.

Listening to Silva Life System, you will learn how to enter the Alpha level at will and then to use your creative mind to help you think of solutions to problems, enhance creativity or let inspiration flow.

Silva grads have used this process to develop patents, start new businesses, or to create works of art, literature and music. Here are some examples:

Best selling author Richard Bach praised the course publicly: “Mental discipline and creative visualization are what’s behind the power of the Silva method,” he said in an article in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Bach also credits inspiration from the Silva Method as having helped him finish his best-selling book, ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’.

Band leader Doc Severinsen has composed music while at his Alpha level. A newspaper article says that he told them it helped him to be better in touch with his own spiritual life, and in doing so he became a much better person.

World renowned sculptor Harry Jackson said it brought him the peace of mind he had been searching for.

Scientific Evidence—User Testimonial

“A research project conduct by Dr. George Maycock at Appalachian State University in North Carolina demonstrated that students who completed the Silva training showed a significant increase in creative and intuitive-functioning. Of the 30 students who participated, 25 showed gains in intuitive abilities. Four of the other five (who did not show improvement) were already functioning in a high intuitive mode before the training. Intuition is valuable for students- and for adults too. One researcher found that 70 percent of gifted or high-IQ students were predominantly intuitive, while only 39% of students in regular classes were intuitive.”

~ Dr. George Maycock from Appalachian State University in North Carolina

Improved creativity
Improved Creativity

“Imagination is a key component of creativity. The Silva Method offers techniques for exercising the imagination and increasing creativity.”

~ Correlates of Attention in Humans, Drs. Frederick J. Bremner, V. Benignus, and F. Moritz from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, 1972.

Wield the Magic of Thinking Big

Silva Life System is more than a motivational self-help course. Motivational self-help courses leave you on a high for a few days but people often revert to their old ways after several weeks. Not so with Silva.

With Silva, you will experience life changing moments WITHIN the modules themselves. Sudden bursts of creativity, coincidences, health improvements, flashes of intuition—these combine to alter your belief system.

Studies have shown that the Silva programs lead to you becoming more self-assured, positive, healthy and most of all—you learn to think bigger, set higher goals and seek to achieve things that contribute to humanity.

Whether you’re 12 years old or 80 years old – Silva makes you think bigger, and desire to accomplish and do more with your life.

Scientific Evidence—User Testimonial


BLS participants showed greater cheerfulness, enthusiasm and joie de vivre. This movement away from gloominess and pessimism may well result from a new-found freedom from prior anxieties and inner turmoil.”

~ High School Personality Questionnaire, Dr George DeSau from Incarnate Word School for Girls, San Antonio, Texas, 1972.

The Natural Proven-Effective Cure for Bad Habits

Are you overweight? Do you smoke? Do you have trouble with motivation, diet, exercise… sticking to personal resolutions?

With Silva Life System, you apply techniques to program your mind almost like a VCR. It’s a process that is far more powerful than simply self-hypnotism, affirmations or visualization.

Amazing But True! Addictions have no control over you. Cravings and needs such as uncontrollable “binge eating” cease to exist.

Scientific Evidence — User Testimonial

Habit Control
Habit Control

“The control of habits such as smoking and overeating can be difficult. Participants report success using The Silva Method to control habits.”

~ Correlates of Attention in Humans, Drs. Frederick J. Bremner, V. Benignus, and F. Moritz from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, 1972.

Hard to believe? Perhaps. But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet, until you see the evidence for yourself. All I ask you is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof. It will take just a few minutes, yet the rewards can be enormous because…

These secrets are not based on my opinion but on actual tests…

  • A potent antidote for information overload. How to use the astonishing 3 Finger Technique for lightning-quick speed learning.
  • Simple exercises to eliminate smoking, drinking, gambling and other niggling annoying habits.
  • Glove Anesthesia. The single most effective healing acceleration method to overcome gout, migraine and even cancer*.
  • BETTER THAN PROZAC: A simple stress relief process to tune out the pressures of society—in just 3 minutes.
  • Interpersonal relations made easy. Master this powerful concept and cruise your complicated social life effortlessly.
  • PLUS: How to tap into your dreams and fulfill them. A step-by-step play-by-play guide to utilizing your nocturnal visions to solve problems and overcome obstacles.
  • PLUS: How to turn the ladder into an elevator. Simple yet powerful goal setting techniques to propel you to roaring career success.
  • And much more.

The Silva Life System is THE shortcut to your success. Do you know that by putting the system into practice—you can accelerate your life beyond your wildest expectations?

You see, our hundreds of thousands of testimonials come from ordinary people. And yet, Silva Life System has helped them to achieve beyond even their wildest dreams.

Do you know that meditation goes beyond inner peace? It’s the catalyst to fulfilling all your dreams. Here are…

Real Life Results from Real Life People…

Silva for business visualization

“I was skeptical about selling anything, because I had not been a sales oriented person. I improved myself to a point where I received the award as the highest first year sales rep for the insurance agency.”

~ Ray Tobias from Chicago, Illinois

Silva helped to win awards

“Within two years, I got an award as Most Cooperative Realtor of the Year. They had not issued the award in 10 years. It stated that it was granted to someone who showed professionalism, fairness…all my dreams were coming true, strictly from visualization. The award listed all the things I had programmed that I would be, two years before. I use the Silva Method techniques to make money, to make friends, and to gather knowledge. It’s been amazing that all of the dreams that I had as a little girl, the Silva Method was the vehicle of getting there.”

~ Linda Almaraz from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Silva for business visualization

“My business income rose dramatically soon after taking the course. I had become a full-time investment broker with A.G. Edwards & Sons and was still maintaining my insurance business. The Silva course makes your ‘strong points’ stronger and can turn any weakness into a strength. It helps to unlock your mind and set it free to seek out the knowledge it needs to grow and perform efficiently for you.”

~ Art Thomas from Michigan

ESP in advertising
ESP in Advertising

“Linda Arnold, the founder, chairman and CEO of The Arnold Agency shared “The Silva techniques have become part of the daily routine at the Arnold Agency. They help in every aspect of Agency work: The creative work that we do, business management, client relationships, and they help us stay healthy in this stressful business.”

~ Linda Arnold, the founder, chairman and CEO of The Arnold Agency

Let me throw in one more startling fact:

In Baltimore we conducted a class for homeless people.

70% of participants were able to find jobs within 2 weeks.

Now Imagine what Silva Can Do for You.

Now… There are 3 Ways to Learn

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The Silva Method Guarantee

Our Unconditional Triple Guarantee

Guarantee 1# : QUALITY – If for any reason you don’t absolutely love the Silva Intuition System, even if you don’t like the color of the cover or the speed of my voice in the recordings, simply email us at any time in the next 60 days and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund. Plus I will insist you keep all the bonus gifts for free just for trying us out.

Guarantee 2# : RESULTS – Simply listen to the first exercise of the program and if you do not experience a deep level of meditation, write to us and we will personally help you with tips and advice. Our personal coach will help guide you and ensure you are on the right path with the Silva program and seeing quality results.

Guarantee 3# : IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE – If upon listening to the CD, watching the training video and using the S.E.E (Silva ESP Enhancer) Software, you have not experienced evidence of your own heightened intuition and decision making ability to a degree worth at least 10 times the price of this course, simply contact us. We will offer you the opportunity for free personal guidance or a full refund. Your choice.

With our triple guarantee, your journey towards total intuitive living becomes completely risk-free—so go ahead and give it a try.

Laura Silva

In summary, with Silva Life System you’ll get:

  • A simple way to take you to Zen Monk-like states of deep meditation in as little 30 seconds.
  • How to instantly enjoy unprecedented productivity. An effortless formula to bridge the gap between the logical left-brain and creative right-brain.
  • A easy step-by-step guide to boost your learning ability, memory, intuition, creativity, and your ability to focus, concentrate and think more clearly.
  • An amazing technique to “know thyself”. Generate life-changing epiphanies at will.
  • How to melt away stress and reduce—even eliminate—the harmful effect of the 50 hour work week.
  • PLUS: How to unleash breakthrough improvements in your mental and emotional health—even the resistant areas that have been beyond reach all these years.
  • PLUS: The secret to dramatically increase your body’s capability to heal. How? “Cut down” the root of psycho-matic hindrances. 5 ways to uproot them once and for all.
  • And much more.

Silva Life System is the culmination of Jose Silva’s 55 years of research and real-world experience with millions of people who attended his seminars.

I present my father’s enduring legacy to you.

No other program comes close.

Millions have experienced the magnificent transcendent power of the Silva Life.

What about you?
The Greatest Discovery…
The Greatest Discovery...

The greatest discovery of the 19th century was not in the realm of the physical sciences, but the power of the subconscious mind touched by faith. Any individual can tap into an eternal reservoir of power that will enable them to overcome any problem that may arise. All weaknesses can be overcome, bodily healing, financial independence, spiritual awakening, prosperity beyond your wildest dreams. This is the superstructure of happiness.

~ William James, Harvard Psychologist, the Father of American Psychology from

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Laura Silva

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Did You Know?

Silva’s work has influenced many world-renowned writers, doctors, Olympian sportsmen and success coaches. These include:

Wayne Dyer – Best-Selling Self-Improvement Author & Success Coach
Shakti Gawain – Best-Selling Author of Creative Visualization
Marguerite Piazza – Famous Opera Singer
Dr O. Carl Simonton – Cancer research pioneer
Prof. Clancy D. McKenzie, M.D. – Medical Pioneer
Richard Bach – Best-Selling Author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Chicago White Sox – Baseball Team (in the 70s)
Dr. Cleve Backster – Scientist, discoverer of Primary Perceptive Capability in plants

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