If You Have the Determination to Follow the Silva Seminar for Only 2 Days, Then…

“You Will Enjoy Recession-Proof Financial Freedom, Heal Serious Baby Boomer Disease and Live a Purpose-Driven Life”

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Picture this: You read the newspapers, and you’re strangely unaffected by the barrage of bad news.

Another oil hike? An increase of serious illnesses like cancer, heart attacks and diabetes? More and more people suffering from depression?

Yet you still possess such unshakable joy within you.

But no, its not because you’re in denial or flippant—it’s because you have mastered the Silva Life System techniques to be victorious despite what life throws at you.

Over two days, you’ll be thought the very same principles that has helped over a million people over the years in conquering disease, achieve their biggest goals and dreams, and thrive—not just survive—in strenuous circumstances like the world we’re living in.

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A Sample of What Over 2 Million People are Saying About the Silva Seminar

“Significant effects on my life, career and approach to things”

“The Silva seminar taken this spring had several significant effects on my life, career and approach to things in general.

First of all I stopped wanting things so badly, I just relaxed and tried to live one day at a time, and decided to have the best of it. It was not easy, but I started to become happier, calmer and more confident.

I had to give a presentation for a council meeting, knowing that my performance will be recorded for the local television, and I managed to stay calm . I programmed myself in Alpha to be relaxed and to speak clearly and fluently. My performance was a great success.

I also visualized a couple of my seriously sick friends who live overseas, and I was amazed at the results. One friend, sick of prostate cancer at the age of 41, started to plan vacations on a sailboat, at the time I was visualizing that he was sailing totally cured. The other friend that suffered from nervous breakdown told me on the phone that she just came back from a field full of flowers where she found a few moments of peace and relaxation, and the day before I visualized her dancing in a field full of flowers.

I didn’t expect any miracles after the Silva seminar, but I’ve learned that we have all the abilities we need to become what we want to be and even to have some telepathic influence on other people; we just have to believe in it and get rid of all doubts that stop us from getting what we want.”

~ Margaret J. from Oakville, Ontario

Silva helped me deliver my baby with no pain

““I graduated from the Silva Seminar in March, 2000 and here is how I used Silva to bring my son safely into the world. Beginning in my 3rd month, I began using Silva to program for my labor and delivery, using the Mirror of the Mind and general programming during the Long Relax for my success. I programmed for a safe, easy, and short labor and delivery. I also programmed to sleep through my labor and to not have any pushing trouble. I have had an aneurysm and have metal clips in my head so pushing is dangerous for me.

“I also talked to my son in utero, both out loud and with using subjective communication. I told him that I knew he and my body knew what to do and I would not get in the way but would trust Mother Nature.

“At about 4:30am my progress was checked and found that I had only dilated to 4. I had an epidural but I could still feel (it wasn’t a total block). I was completely relaxed. The nurse left the room saying nothing would probably happen before 10am . I smiled and did my Long Relax and told myself I was completely relaxed and was letting my body and my baby do all the work since they knew what to do and I wasn’t going to get in the way.

“I fell asleep like this. Two hours later I “heard” my son’s voice – he was communicating back to me subjectively. He said, “I’m coming, you’d better wake up.” I opened my eyes and the nurse walked in. Aaron woke up and when he stepped over to the bed I said, “He’s coming. I can feel him coming now.”

“So when the doctor came in I smiled and told him, “I can feel him coming now.” He checked me and said, “She is dilated to 9 and the baby is at station 2. Go get Dr. Fuller to assist me.” The nurse and Aaron were shocked!

“I could not push because of the danger to my aneurysm site, so I used the Long Relax to place my body in a very deep state of relaxation so I would do no pushing. I programmed myself not to feel the need to push and yet to feel my baby coming. It worked.

“I never pushed once – two contractions later and my son was born. I had completely relaxed my body using Silva and let him do all the work. I was in no pain or discomfort and never felt the overwhelming need to push. Silva enabled me to really connect with my son during the entire labor and delivery process. It was truly a wonderful experience.”

E. M. Walnut Creek, CA

p.s. I did a similar thing with my daughter – did all the programming to sleep through labor and have her born without any pushing. I fell asleep at 11am dilated to 3 and the nurse mentioned maybe by midnight that day she would arrive. I woke up at 1pm with her being born. I rang the nurse, told her, and the next thing I know, people were running – my daughter was born about ten minutes later – no pushing whatsoever! All thanks to Silva!!!!”

~ Elizabeth from E. M. Walnut Creek, CA

“Silva has not just changed my life, it has SAVED my life!”
"Silva has not just changed my life, it has SAVED my life!"

“I have been using Silva for over 20 years. As I continue to study the material and practice I reflect how Jose Silva’s work has changed my life. 7 years ago, I had a near death experience as I was in the recovery room after gall bladder surgery. Learning from that experience that life is short, I committed myself to focusing my Silva healing talents to help other people. As I opened up myself to this idea, I decided that I would attract people who sincerely would allow themselves to heal through learning the Silva meditation program.

Soon I met a woman in her 50’s where they discovered a large mass on her ovary. Since she had never been pregnant, they expected the worst, she immediately scheduled her for surgery. She did not want to go under the knife, and agreed to postpone the procedure 1 month. I took a train from Maryland to New York City to work with her and teach her the Silva method. After 2 days, I returned home, I promised her I would continue to work on her case for the next 28 days. 1 month to the date she was scheduled for surgery. I suggested me get another sonogram to see how much we were able to change the shape of the tumor. While on the table the technician discovered the mass was completely gone and she called me from the doctors office to give me the good news.

I have since used Silva to lower my cholesterol level from over 300 to 110 and have used this meditation
method to lose alot of weight, reduce my blood pressure, and eliminate my sleep apena. Silva has
not changed my life, it has SAVED my life.”

~ Ariele Imm

Jack Canfield on the Silva Method 

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